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Our values

As global competition becomes even more intense, successful leaders are realizing that to stay ahead, they need to compete on overall customer experience, going beyond product innovation and even operational excellence. Our mission is to help you collect high-value customer data and make it actionable in order to turn it into a tangible impact on revenue. Together, let's go beyond web analytics data and understand your customers needs, wants and desires.

Stephane Contrepois CEO
Aurore Beugniez COO
Julien Hourregue CTO
Justine Gicquel Insights Specialist
Camille Sanson Customer Success Manager
Jerome Collomb Head of Marketing
David Arpin Lead developer
Dino Taljic Insights Specialist
Jordan Nectoux Business Developer
Oana Lungu Customer Success Manager
Chloe Paillot Customer Success Manager
Hugues Dallot Digital Marketing Manager
Line Mpe A Guilikeng Customer Success Manager
Fabrice Astre Client Marketing Manager
Mathieu Gond Software Engineer
Olivier Prudente Software engineer
Vincent Longbois Software engineer
Laurent Huzard Software engineer
Amaury Cagny Software engineer
Lea Cortes Office Manager
Lyssa Alcock Marketing Intern

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