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Enrich Salesforce CRM with data
January 14, 2016
David Galiana
Just a few weeks after releasing the new version of MyFeelBack, we're excited to announce our integration with the world leader in CRM software, Salesforce. With this new Salesforce application available in the AppExchange, you'll be able to empower...
January 08, 2016
Daniel Archer
Companies should know that while pricing on products and services is a great differentiator, customer service experience is a greater predictor of how customers decide which company they will do with business with.
iot connectivity
January 04, 2016
Daniel Archer
Soon, nearly every aspect of our life will be connected to the Internet. Everyday objects, from cell phones to coffee makers, will come with an on/off switch to the Internet. And, as a result, our most commonly used electronic devices will be able...
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