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deezer customer centric
October 01, 2015
Daniel Archer
Today’s music listeners want access to every song ever recorded, now, playable on any device, and at a reasonable monthly cost.
Mobile Survey
September 28, 2015
Daniel Archer
How customers consume web-based information has dramatically changed in recent years.
paris voice of customer
September 18, 2015
Daniel Archer
According to multiple recent reports, Paris is a top travel destination in 2015. But the French travel sector has been in trouble for some time. It seems that for all its charms, pleasing customers hasn’t been high on France’s list.
improve e-commerce marketing with customer surveys
September 12, 2015
Jerome Collomb
Few things hurt an e-business like bad customer service. But paying attention to what customers say about your product or service is an effective way to build and maintain a strong marketing strategy.
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