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customer insights e-commerce
March 10, 2016
Daniel Archer
Some e-commerce companies just seem to have a six sense when it comes to knowing what customers want and how to optimize online platforms to deliver accordingly.
improving customer satisfaction
March 03, 2016
Daniel Archer
Increasingly, customers are demanding an effortless online experience. To increase customer satisfaction and improve loyalty, online businesses must remove any kind of friction or effort from their customer experience.
E-Commerce Site Working
March 01, 2016
David Galiana
In today’s e-commerce retail world, it’s difficult to know just who your customers are. Unlike brick and mortar shoppers, today’s online customers are anonymous which, of course, makes it far more challenging to understand their wants, needs, and...
February 25, 2016
Daniel Archer
So, your products just aren't selling. Frustrating, isn’t it? Your e-commerce store is seeing lots of traffic but, for some reason, people still aren’t clicking on the buy now button. Your online traffic simply isn’t converting into sales.
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