The customer knowledge blog

July 07, 2020
Aurore Beugniez
On the one hand, the European leader of conversational marketing. On the other, one of the most complete customer knowledge solutions on the market. A collaboration between iAdvize and MyFeelBack therefore makes perfect sense. Discover how...
June 30, 2020
Aurore Beugniez
We are delighted to announce the release of a new analysis module for the MyFeelBack solution. An efficient reporting system should be easy to use by your functional teams, customisable, make data as easy to read as possible, and offer flexible...
questions to ask your customers to know their needs and expectations
June 25, 2020
Stephane Contrepois
The success of your business depends on its ability to best meet the expectations and needs of your customers, and to evolve with them.  What are your customers waiting for? What products do they need? The surveys allow you to see more clearly...
How To Use Surveys to Improve the Customer Experience
June 17, 2020
Anastasia Shapovalova
Here at MyFeelBack, we sincerely believe in the power of customer feedback. The amount of success stories we have experienced first hand of companies that take their business to the next level using surveys has proven us that no insight quite...
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