The customer knowledge blog

October 09, 2019
Jerome Collomb
Customer satisfaction is (or should be) at the heart of a company’s main concerns. Building customer loyalty is the best way to secure revenue. But customer satisfaction must be measured before it can be improved.
October 03, 2019
Jerome Collomb
Dissatisfied customers are an important segment to focus on. While a satisfied customer might talk about your product with 3 people, a dissatisfied customer will talk about it with 10. Effectively managing customer dissatisfaction is becoming more...
September 25, 2019
Jerome Collomb
Customer surveys primarily include closed-ended questions. It is more difficult to analyse the results of an open-ended question because of its qualitative nature. Yet, asking open-ended questions can prove to be very useful for getting to know your...
September 12, 2019
Jerome Collomb
In a highly competitive market, each company needs to find a way to differentiate themselves in their existing or potential customers’ eyes. This requires the enhancement of their brand image.
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