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November: New features on your MyFeelBack account!

A few weeks ago, we successfully launched a Beta version of the Chat Survey, a new conversational survey experience. Thanks to your feedback and the success of the first campaigns, we have taken this feature out of the Beta program. This new update in your MyFeelBack account allows you to propose a new experience of answering surveys to your customers. Also, discover the new Dashboard editing feature and the brand new indicator you've been waiting for: Solicitations.

Create your Chat Survey and offer a new conversational experience

Generating more engagement on your surveys to increase your response rate is one of our main missions. 80% of our usage will be converted to conversational services within 5 years. To help you stay one step ahead, we've been working for several months on a conversational engine that allows you to offer your customers a new experience.

On your account, when creating your deployment, choose the most appropriate Experience: Classic or Conversational.

By choosing Conversational Experience, you turn your survey into a Chat Survey! You can deploy your Chat Survey by Email, SMS, URL, on your website or your application.

To customize the graphic universe of your Chat Survey, go to your account settings.

The edition of your Dashboards is evolving!

If you haven't yet set up your Dashboard to track your results, don't wait any longer and ask your Success Manager. To provide you with a cockpit that fits your needs and looks like you, a new Edit mode allows you to move and resize your indicators, and choose pre-selected filters by default.

Measure the effectiveness of your solicitations

Do you have questions on the effectiveness of your survey email invitation, or doubts on the rules for triggering your most recent survey on your website? MyFeelBack now allows you to measure the performance of solicitations to your customers. When creating your Custom Reports, in the Stats section of your account, you can now use a new Solicitation indicator to measure the impact of your deployment media. The number of solicitations of your surveys is available for both Deployments and Date dimensions, for campaigns deployed via Email, Sms or Website.

Import the solicitations of your contacts

You can also import into MyFeelBack solicitations made via your own email or SMS services (via API or FTP) into MyFeelBack. To start importing your data, share the dedicated documentation with your technical team  or contact our support for more information.

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