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Discover the latest features of MyFeelBack

The latest release of MyFeelBack platform includes many new features. Although they concern various functionalities, they meet the same goal as usual: to offer an easy-to-use platform to collect, activate and analyse as much customer data as possible.

Optimise your data collection with new options on Date and Time questions

Frame the answer choices for Date and Time questions

On MyFeelBack, a user can configure the response format to a date. (For example: when did you make your purchase?). Now, it's possible adapt the date/time response methods to your needs, based on : 

  • An exact date, sliding date or a fixed period. For example,you can only offer only before January 2000, to collect the birthday of people having 18+ years old.
  • Exact hours, sliding hours or hours range. Only display the opening hours of your customer service when you offer a callback to a dissatisfied customer

The probability of a respondent making a mistake is considerably lower and the quality of the answers collected is significantly improved.


Trigger an action or the display of a question using the new Date/Time based conditions

MyFeelBack is the tool that allows you to create surveys that adapt to the profiles and responses of each user. That's why now one can display a question according to: 

  • An hour of the day, a day of the week, a day of the month, a week number, a month of the year, an elapsed time
  • The time elapsed since a date (or time) collected via a question or an attribute

For a survey after a visit to the store, if a respondent indicates that he or she came on a Saturday (busy day), ask him or her if the waiting time at the checkout was acceptable.


Customise the graph to focus the analysis on what really matters

Data visualisation makes it possible to go much further in the analyses. To make this data visualisation more meaningful, it is sometimes useful to focus on a smaller area by using a filter system. In MyFeelBack dashboard, one can display most of the campaign data via filters for a better reading of your results. This allows to:

  • Select only the elements to be displayed based on their answer volume. For a MCQ, display only the questions that have obtained more than 20 answers
  • Limit the number of elements displayed. Generate the top 5 of the most successful campaigns at a glance!


Web site Deployments: Trigger a fully customised Popin

The new custom Popin format is released to catch your visitors before they land on your survey. Creating a solicitation that is perfectly integrated into your graphic charter improve the response rate! This new Popin allows you to integrate the content of your choice by adding a teaser text and a CTA button to the survey.



A new interface to manage a large volume of values for an attribute

One can now import a list of values, for an attribute of type "list of values" (via CSV file). Attributes allow you to qualify a population of respondents. By importing a list of attributes, one can have:

  • A perfect uniformity on the naming of your business attribute
  • An easy configuration of your statistical report

Example: Import the list of all stores in a country, for your Store attribute.

Answer sheet: View each answer from your mobile and adapt the display to your needs

View crucial information for a specific answer. One can choose to display or hide questions/answers, hide empty answers and hide button elements.
All the preferences are saved for the next visit!


Every month, we improve the features of our platform. As a result, we are pleased to better meet the needs of our users and to offer a top-of-the-range Enterprise Feedback Management solution.

For further information, do not hesitate to book a demonstration with one of our experts.


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