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October's news: discover the latest evolutions

In order to satisfy our customers, we continuously upgrade our platform. As a back-to-school gift, we're launching new features. Discover what's new!

Measuring your Customer Satisfaction Score

Use the new CSat question type to measure performance and customer satisfaction. The analysis of your CSat score allows you to quickly identify unsatisfied respondents (score 1 to 3) and satisfied respondents (score 4 and 5). Ratings are assigned using stars, smileys or numbers.



Use the brand new classification question

Your participants can classify their responses. Analyze and rank the results (average, weight, most represented position...) using the choices of your respondents! Example: Ask your customers to rank a selection of products or services from 1 to 5, depending on their preference.



Survey progress auto-saving

Allow your participants to leave the survey and come back later. Their progress is saved and they will be able to keep answering on their next visit.



Limit one feedback per participant

Limit the number of answers allowed per attribute (email, customer id, order number, ticket number...). This option is compatible with the survey auto-saving progress. Example: Only allow a single feedback per contact, based on the email attribute.



Group questions on the same page

For the Egynn, Horizon and November themes, you can choose to display multiple questions on the same page. The option is available in the advanced settings on each page of your campaign.



Cross your scores and averages with 2 dimensions

Analyze your scores (NPS, CSat) and averages with two dimensions in the construction of the indicator. Example: observe the evolution of your averages by business attributes over time.



Filter your statistics using a custom period of time

Filter your data using different date spans such as a past period and rolling period. Example: Display your results over the last 30 sliding days.

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