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Discover our new graphic identity!

Today marks the date where we unveil our new visual identity.

Since the creation of MyFeelBack at the end of 2011, no changes had been made to our graphic charter, composed of the colours red and black.

Today, we now feel the need to change our brand image to be more in line with our value proposition and to support the qualities of our offerings to large companies.

This new brand universe reveals our ambitions:

Affirming our values

Since 2011, there have been many developments in our output and value proposition.

Since its creation, the company has seen two major pivots on its offerings.

MyFeelBack was, first of all, a feedback tool for the maintenance sector.

At the end of 2012, it became a mobile solution for customer service.

Over the years and with many contracts won, we have grown to become the leading customer knowledge solution for the most important companies on the French Stock Exchange (CAC 40).

"Our clients are leaders in their sectors: distribution, media, tourism, banking/insurance ... They put their trust in us to support them in their customer knowledge strategy over a long-term basis. The stakes are high. Customer knowledge is at the heart of their challenges. We needed a strong visual identity that could showcase our values: innovation, expertise, and support." Stéphane Contrepois, CEO of MyFeelBack.

In this renewal process, the appearance of purple in our charter aims to affirm our values ​​of seriousness and passion.

It illustrates the daily commitment our team provides in the development of our solutions and the support of our clients.

Red is still present in our graphic charter, with a slight declination, to make our determination to become the reference partner for all companies wishing to implement a customer-centric approach.

Sustain our growth

In 2016, more than 100 million qualified customer data answers were sent to MyFeelBack's clients, enabling them to enhance their customer services tools and perfectly adapt the brand experience offered to each customer.

More than 80 major accounts now put their trust in us from more than 50 countries.

To accompany this strong growth and establish our brand internationally, we wanted to have an innovative, readable, easily recognizable and resolutely forward-looking graphic positioning.

Marking our positioning on the SaaS B2B software ecosystem

2016 also marked the creation of major technological alliances.

MyFeelBack is today natively integrated with softwares such as Salesforce, Adobe Campaign, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Hubspot and Zendesk, amongst others.

The world's leading CRM sellers now trust us to improve their solutions with highly qualified customer data.

The modernisation of our visual identity was naturally self-evident to facilitate our identification and confirm our complementary range of offerings within the ecosystem of customer services software.

A new logo, which gains both in legibility and in modernity

To accompany this dynamic renewal, our logo also has gone under a new design.

We wanted to preserve our historical values ​​notably with the bubble which symbolises:

  • The exchange of a brand with its customers via our smart survey technology,
  • How instant this exchange is, meaning targeting technologies, enabling each customer to be targeted at the best time in the customer journey.

The bubble is positioned on the left-hand side of the logo to improve its visibility and bring a touch of modernity.


2011 Logo


2017 Logo

This new brand universe will be part of a communication campaign to share the values ​​of what this evolution means for our clients.


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