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The latest new features of October

The MyFeelback platform is used by many international companies. For efficient information sharing between countries with different languages, and for international campaign deployment, we have developed many features to facilitate translations. Furthermore, to feed Google third-party apps with answers coming from surveys, we offer our customers a brand new webhook that allows them to integrate the data into Google Sheets in real time.

Translate faster through the whole platform

Translation of a campaign via a .csv file

Importing by CSV file allows you to manage translations with more flexibility. This is ideal when working on an offline file or to allow an external translator to work without giving access to your MyFeelBack account.


All you have to do is to:

  • Export the template
  • Complete the translation
  • Re-Import the file

Faster translations, without forgeting a single element

A translation often requires a lot of back and forth, and sometimes you lose track of it. To help you find your way around, we have added a filtering function to display missing translations. This allows the users to identify at a glance the elements that remain to be translated.


More comfort for translating rich content

The "rich content" element is in the form of a text editor. It allows you to customize your survey with formatted text, variables, links, images (or animated images), and videos. 

We have modified the translation module to give more space to display your rich content.


The update of the interface allows to:

  • Visualize the rich content of the original language of the survey over the entire width of the page
  • Replace the content to be translated directly with the content of the desired language

Translate bars and buttons on your website deployments

MyFeelBack is the solution for collecting customer data by deploying a survey in the right place at the right time. To do so, MyFeelBack offers various conditions for displaying your survey on a website:



You can now add a translation to the solicitation elements that appear on your website. This concerns the "button", "bar" and "exit intent" formats. Thus, the elements will automatically adapt to the language of your visitor's browser on your website.


Choose the language for sharing statistical reports

When sharing key information with colleagues in different countries, it is imperative to be accurate in your communication. This is why it is important to adapt to the language of your recipient.


When sharing a report via email or ftp, you can define a language (French or English) to display the charts of the report. 
Both questions and answers are not affected by this setting.

Define a language for each MyFeelBack user

From now on, it is possible to define a language for each user. For our international accounts, this makes life much easier for users and administrators.
The solution's back office and all communications are displayed in this language, regardless of the browser language.


In case the selected language is not yet supported, the back office and communications are displayed in English.

Add collected answers in real time to a Google Sheets file

If you use one or more modules of Google's G Suite, this webhook should interest you.

The new Google Sheets webhook allows you to create a new line in a Google Sheets file, automatically for each new answer collected via MyFeelBack!


Thus, you can leverage raw answers in Google Sheets in many ways:

  • Feeding your data-visualizations in Google Data Studio
  • Sharing data with your team members
  • Powering your third-party apps connected to Google

Discover How to instantly add collected answers to a Google Sheets file.

Every month, we improve the features of our platform. As a result, we are pleased to better meet the needs of our users and to offer a market-leading Enterprise Feedback Management solution.


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