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Discover the latest features available on MyFeelBack

This month, the new features integrated into our MyFeelBack platform make it possible to customize trigers on a website based on customer data and make life easier for platform administrators.

Trigger a campaign on a website based on an attribute

The new Attribute condition enables to define rules for triggering your survey, based on the value of an attribute from the datalayer of your website. By using the attribute condition, you benefit from advanced targeting features for date, time and numeric formats.


Here are some examples of use:

  • Deploy a survey to your customers who will celebrate their birthdays after May 15th, to propose them an exclusive offer
  • Trigger a short survey if the amount in the basket is 0 after 10 minutes of navigation, with a promotional offer at the end of the day

Monitor the consumption of a MyFeelBack account in real time

For every user, we have created a new page of the account, dedicated to monitoring of the number of answers, verbatims, emails and SMS!
To access it, you simply have to click on the consumption gauge: the details of your consumption will appear automatically!


This allows our users to:

  • Track the activity status of their account
  • Identify if the consumption matches forecast
  • Anticipate future needs in answers, emails, sms or verbatims
  • Build an activity report for one's manager

Define multiple values for a user property

Enable multiple values of a property, for a recipient user. These multiple values will allow the users to set up a dashboard so they can share it with different teams!

Example: A regional manager can restrict the results displayed on his dashboard only to the stores he is responsible for.


Activation of a multiple value, for a new "Store" property

In the recipient's configuration, it's possible to add as many values as you wish (Store - London, Store - Dublin... etc).


Check the roadmap of the next features

we now inform our customers of upcoming new features so that they can anticipate the deployment of their future customer knowledge project.  Here's our new process:

  • Users are notified a few days before the release of upcoming new features on the platform (via the notification bell, within MyFeelBack account)
  • Once the new features are available on every account, users receive by email the  "MyFeelBack News" in order to get more details on the benefit of these new features


By clicking on the notification bell, you have access to upcoming news


For any further information on the MyFeelBack platform, please do not hesitate to contact our Insights specialists.



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