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July: Discover the latest features of the platform

This month, many new features enrich and facilitate the user experience on the MyFeelBack platform.

Check and export raw answers directly from the dashboards

Giving access to information is essential in a customer-centric enterprise. This is why we are concerned with making data even more accessible for everyone.

All MyFeelBack users who wish to have this option can now view raw data and export it from a dashboard with just a right click.


Examples of use cases:

  • Operational managers: use verbatims to animate and facilitate team meetings
  • Customer service: export answers from detractor customers to identify barriers and improve service


Additional security for Dashboard access

Data protection has always been our priority. We are constantly strengthening our protocols to be at the forefront of best practices. Dashboard confidentiality is enhanced by the private mode, which requires a user connection. Any new url shared to access the dashboards now has a defined lifetime.


A simpler and more practical advanced CSS module 

A personalised campaign helps you reach a better response rate and maintain your brand image. MyFeelBack makes this customisation as easy and automated as possible. To go even further in customisation, we provide an advanced CSS module.

When changing the appearance of your surveys, the new module provides better visibility when entering CSS code and a real-time view of your changes.


No need to be an expert in CSS, our users now benefit from autocompletion of CSS properties and a syntax highlighter to avoid any mistakes.

Account data management via MyFeelBack API

An Enterprise Feedback Management platform is designed to improve your customer knowledge and increase efficiency. Our users can automatically and continuously feed their own applications with MyFeelBack account data. For example, one can connect data via a support ticket number or order number. This solution complements the FTP data import solution.


The use of statistical indicators via the API

MyFeelBack can calculate numerous indicators to monitor Customer Experience and Satisfaction in real time. We believe that this information may be useful and may be used in third party tools. Thanks to the API, our customers can now use the results of MyFeelBack's calculations to display indicators in their own BI system.



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