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New customisation options for your charts

Discover 3 new features to speed up your decision-making and benefit from a reporting who perfectly fits your needs!

View and compare your data with the new charts

Stacked columns and areas appear in your statistical reports.


These types of charts allow you to compare or group elements of the same category.


For example, this type of charts are used to compare the performance of each store by visualising the distribution of detractors, promoters or neutrals, by city of location.

The graphics are now interactive

You can now hide data from your chart to focus on the values you want to analyse. You simply have to click on the legend of a chart to display or not the corresponding values.

When you click, elements disappear or appear

Use display filters to customise charts

Limit the number of elements to be displayed and define a value threshold as a filter. It is ideal for presenting only the data essential to your decision-making! 

You benefit from two types of filters:

  • Dimension filter: to exclude data when calculating your indicator, individually
  • Chart filter: to get a better reading of your results following certain calculations (average, variance...)

Example of a Chart filter (Limit display to..) and a Dimension filter (Show elements only when...)

Improve the performance of your surveys

We have added a new dimension and a calculation, both based on the analysis of your completed/uncompleted surveys.

Analyse your results with the Survey completed dimension

The Survey completed dimension allows you to identify whether or not the clients have completed the entire survey.




Calculate the survey's performance with the Completion rate

Use the Completion rate to further analyse your campaigns! This rate is the ratio between the number of completed surveys and the number of started surveys.

Display of the Completion rate by campaign

The Completion rate allows you to:

  • Measure the performance of your survey and the engagement of your respondents
  • Select the most effective campaign to collect complete answers
  • Increase the number of answers collected following the implementation of your corrective measures (formulation of questions...)

New automations with Adobe Campaign Standard

Use 2 new ways to trigger targeted actions in your Adobe Campaign Standard tool from your MyFeelBack survey!

Trigger the sending of an email with the Transactional email webhook 

Upon receiving an answer, the ready-to-use Adobe Campaign Standard webhook allows you to send transactional emails.


Thanks to this webhook, you can send automatically from Adobe Campaign a reinsurance email to a dissatisfied customer or an marketing email to a qualified prospect.

Subscribe a respondent to a newsletter from MyFeelBack

The Subscribe to a service action is now compatible with Adobe Campaign Standard. It allows you to subscribe a respondent to your newsletter as soon as you collect his email!


We are continuously improving the features of MyFeelBack. Every day, we strive to better meet the needs of our current and future users and to provide a leading-edge Enterprise Feedback Management platform.

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