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Meet our new Dashboards

There’s just no way around it. The ability to deliver a high-level customer experience is a make-or-break proposition for today’s businesses. Study after study shows a strong correlation between customer experience and business success.

Today we’re proud to release a new technological advance to make your life easier: Meet Dashboards!

Ever since MyFeelBack was created, in 2011, we’ve helped around a hundred companies to understand how to improve their customer experience. It’s a genuine growth engine which has a direct and positive impact on your revenue.

Dashboards serve two goals:  

  • Managing your customer experience in real-time
  • Making all collaborators adhere to your customer-centric strategy

Manage the customer experience in real-time

With Dashboards, you have the power to manage your customer experience with an operational view in real-time. Each Dashboard is fed with customer insights coming from smart surveys and is fully customizable to fit with each business core KPI’s.

Make your colleagues adhere to your customer-centric strategy

With Dashboards, companies are able to really progress and uncover business opportunities by spreading the customer experience to all departments of the company. The voice of customer becomes a core element of the company and allows all teams to be informed and take action!

“We’re driving customer satisfaction in real-time with a 360° vision of each step of the customer journey. Thanks to that, we’re continuously improving the experience delivered using personalized actions. MyFeelBack’s Dashboards are now essential for the daily management of our customer experience!”

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