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June's news: latest features and Dashboards' development

The latest features available on MyFeelBack

Direct email integration: show/hide future questions

Now you can tweak the visibility of any questions placed after the first one, depending on the answer to the first question in an email

Duplicate survey translations along with your campaigns

When duplicating a survey, your translations are now automatically attached to your new campaign.

Clone mappings from a campaign template

When you create a new campaign based on a survey template, now you can also duplicate the CRM mappings associated with it.

Connect your Adobe Campaign CRM (ACS)

We now support the new Adobe Campaign Standard (ACS) version of your Adobe Campaign application.

New powerful options for your report exports

When exporting your reports as HTML or PDF files, you can now choose to attach associated chart and/or tables, for each thumbnails.

Dashboards' development

Charts: make them yours!

Use a custom color palette to match your graphics to your brand.

Choose a fixed color for specific charts

Set a fixed color for a particular dataset. Ex: Display the number of US answers in blue, or display promoters in green for your NPS pie chart!

Custom labels for charts

Enjoy a clearer reading with custom labels for your charts, whether for the X-axis or the Y-axis.

Save your display preferences

Your colors and display choices will be here when you come back! Ex: Show promoters and detractors but hide passive respondents on a chart representing your NPS. Your choice will be automatically saved.

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