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February's news: a new theme and improved performance

Today, we're introducing two amazing updates to MyFeelBack: a new graphic theme for our smart surveys and a new CSS integration. 

New graphic theme: Horizon

Unlike our other themes, this new theme is mainly horizontal. Its large design gives room for your content and a better readability on your devices (tablets and mobile supported of course).

This design is very useful when you ask long questions or when you have a long list of responses.

Horizon also features a brand new progress bar to give your respondents a way to visualize survey progress. 

A new way to integrate surveys on your websites

Besides the theme above, we've worked on the server side of surveys and we're announcing a big improvement in how surveys integrate on your websites. 

We're switching the old IFRAME technology for more advanced techniques that enable in-depth integration on your website. With this evolution come several benefits:

  • A faster and smoother display of surveys 
  • A customized look and feel, deeply integrated with your own branding and colors, by applying the display rules defined by your own website
  • A real-time integration with your own analytics, marketing automation tools and DMP's.

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