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November 15, 2018
Jerome Collomb
To create an effective survey, you can’t stop at well-structured questions. The answer options that you provide are just as important. Likert scales are a very effective option if used correctly,...
November 09, 2018
Jerome Collomb
If you work with a training centre or organization, you know how important it is to assess the quality your training programs. Over 90% of organizations rely on these evaluations.
October 03, 2018
Jerome Collomb
In the game of business, score is measured in sales and profit. But the game itself is all about customer satisfaction. To help you get in the game, we are giving you answers to top 5 frequently...
August 20, 2018
Jerome Collomb
Creating a lasting relationship with your customers has a lot of benefits for your business. In a context marked by fierce competition and consumer volatility, customer loyalty is an essential...
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