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Customer Satisfaction after Cancellation
September 08, 2021
Aurore Beugniez
Discover the 4 questions to ask customers following an order cancellation, in order to understand their reasons and to identify the areas to work on to reduce your cancellation rate.
Average Satisfaction Survey Response Rate
August 27, 2021
Anastasia Shapovalova
Find out the average response rate to an online survey according to various criteria: size of the business, sector, deployment channel, survey format, etc.
Customer Satisfaction Survey After a Product Return
August 06, 2021
Anastasia Shapovalova
Product return is a moment of truth in your customer relationship. Read on for 8 examples of questions to help you improve this step on your customer journey.
July 22, 2021
vincent riehl
QR codes are making a comeback! So, why and how should you use QR codes to boost your customer satisfaction? Read on to find out.
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