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March 06, 2018
Jerome Collomb
Knowing your customers and what they like will, undoubtedly, help your Ecommerce increase its conversions and sales. Are you paying the price for ignoring your customers needs?
crm manager goals
January 10, 2018
Jerome Collomb
As a CRM manager, you may be finding yourself looking for ways to improve your productivity as a marketing team, or seeking out useful ways to personally organize your life in order to destress and...
customer's habits
January 04, 2018
Jerome Collomb
You've got a CRM full of your customer's information: Name, where they live, what they purchase at your company, and any other information collected during interactions with them. Because of this,...
increase customer engagement
December 28, 2017
Jerome Collomb
CTAs aren't rocket science, but they are important details to get right and they can determine whether or not your participants fill out your survey all the way to the "submit" button, or don't...
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