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mc donald's customer centricity
October 19, 2015
Daniel Archer
Customer-centricity has officially become the order of the day with McDonald's making changes at every touch point, from menu to marketing to restaurants.
growing healthy startup
October 13, 2015
Daniel Archer
Startups rely on growth for their livelihood as customer growth is a key indicator of a successful business model. Focus on ways to directly interact with your customers.
how to maximize survey response rates
September 04, 2015
Daniel Archer
Here are some writing tips to consider when wording your survey if you want to maximize response rates and collect high quality customer data.
netflix customer centric
July 22, 2015
Daniel Archer
In 2011, no one could predict that Netflix, would become the best performing stock of 2013 in Standard and Poor’s 500 index. Discover how they did it!
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