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Product Innovative
May 23, 2017
Jerome Collomb
What makes a successful company? Is it being better than the competition at what you do? Is it having the cheapest prices? According to this article from Harvard Business Review, what makes a successful company these days is its ability to grow,...
May 16, 2017
Jerome Collomb
In the age of technology, your clients are everywhere. They use multiple channels of communication and multiple devices.
May 09, 2017
Jerome Collomb
It's kind of amazing just how useful surveys can be for businesses. What's even more amazing is how many companies aren't taking advantage of them.
deploying your CRM
May 02, 2017
Jerome Collomb
Customer Relations Management softwares are taking center stage in the sales and marketing world. It seems like everyone is talking about CRMs and using them to enhance their marketing in one way or another.

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