marketing campaign fails
March 21, 2017
Jerome Collomb
When a marketing campaign fails, we can usually link this to not being in touch with our customer. Sometimes it's best to start from scratch to get to know your customer again and figure out who they are and what they are looking for. 
Knowing Your Customers
March 14, 2017
Jerome Collomb
Are you trying to sell to customers you don't know? Read on to learn how to listen to your customers to know what they want before they even buy.
March 03, 2017
Jerome Collomb
Discover how Uber continues to build a highly personalized customer experience. The focus is no longer solely on product but, instead, customer loyalty.
customer criticism
March 01, 2017
Jerome Collomb
In this blog we discuss how customer criticism can be an asset to help you keep customers, reduce churn, and improve your product.