The right questionnaire, to the right person,
at the right time.

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Keep your customer database continuously up to date.
Thanks to targeted questionnaires, your customer database updates become intelligent and dynamic.

Collect customer information with strong commercial value.
Customer intelligence is essential to personalizing your marketing operations and increasing your sales.


  •  Customize your questionnaires’ design.
  •  Configure your questionnaires by choosing from a wide range of question types and adding your questions.
  •  Automatically translate your questionnaires into different languages.
  •  Add tracking elements to track the performance of your media.


  •  Define your questionnaire targets by selecting them in your customer database.
  •  Configure the scenarios by selecting the display conditions: geolocation, browsing, device used, medium, purchase history...
  •  Share your questionnaire though all of your media channels in just one click. It will adapt to your targets for a fully personalized experience.
  •  Your questionnaire automatically adapts to smartphones, tablets and PCs.


  •  Analyze your data in real time and track the performance of your campaigns.
  •  Create custom dynamic reports by crossing collected answers and behavioral data.
  •  Export and set up automatic report sending to your colleagues.
  •  Enrich your customer databases in real time via APi.