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Collect high-value customer insights

Smart Surveys let you trigger messages and questions to users and visitors based on who they are and what they do, ensuring record response rates and highly qualified information !


Keep your customer database continuously up-to-date

Create, target and deploy questionnaires on every touchpoint to collect feedback from your customers. Inject the collected data into your CRM and automatically build your customer base with original data !


Trigger ultra personalized marketing actions

Increase the relevance of your next marketing efforts and boost your conversion rates. Use the information collected to automatically launch ultra-targeted marketing campaigns to your customers, and boost your sales !

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What our customer says

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The MyFeelBack solution has allowed us to deploy, internally, a pertinent tool to gain customer feedback on the quality of our customer relations though a multiactivity/multichannel/multilingual perimeter. Client satisfaction management via these indicators has helped improve our practices, noticeable because the perceived quality (satisfaction) increased significantly.

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Customer Satisfaction Manager at Voyages-sncf.com

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MyFeelBack plays nice with

Add voice of customer data directly into your existing CRM and marketing platforms such as Salesforce, Mailchimp or even your own proprietary systemTrigger actions when specific responses come in. Create support tickets, send emails, flag users, generate leads, and more...

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